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Voter File Services

S D Associates' development of comprehensive and current voter files assists our clients in reaching more voters at a lower cost than the voter files of our competitors.

That's because the products and services we provide are produced from the most up-to-date voter files that reflect the most recent changes made to the voter list in a jurisdiction. These files not only assist our clients in reaching new voters, but eliminate the waste of hundreds or thousands of dollars spent for printing and postage sending mail to voters who have moved that are still on the older files of our competitors.

S D Associates assists candidates in making personal contact with the voters they need to be successful by developing voter files that include the names and complete addresses of voters (including postal carrier routes), party affiliation, telephone numbers, dates of birth, ethnic and gender codes and voting history. Once these files are developed, we can then provide a number of products and services to our clients including:

Mailing labels- S D Associates can produce either Cheshire labels (affixed by a mailshop) or pressure-sensitive labels (affixed by volunteers). Our addition of carrier routes to an average of 95% of all records will reduce your postage costs by as much as 40%!!! Also available are such specialty products as double-sided labels that include the name of the polling place or other message to the left of the voter's name and address. Voters can be selected on the basis of any number of criteria at no additional cost!

Voter Lists with Telephone Numbers- S D Associates can produce voter lists with telephone numbers in a number of formats for any selection of voters.

Personalized Direct Mail- S D Associates will work with your campaign to develop the content and form of your message and produce thousands or tens of thousands of personalized letters or postcards to targeted voters on our high speed laser printers.

Voters on Diskette- S D Associates will provide you with any of the information on our voter files on diskette for use on your computer system. Information can be formatted for use with S D Associates' Politech software system for political campaigns, any of the campaign software products available from our competitors or off-the-shelf database programs.

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Call Steve Donen at 800-786-8377 (US) or 860-278-3434 (CT) to discuss how S D Associates can assist your campaign!

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  S D Associates
  P.O.Box 4565
  Hartford, CT 06147

  800-7-VOTERS (US)
  800-786-8377 (US)
  860-278-3434 (CT)