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Postage Rates for Political Mailings

(Rates Effective June 30, 2002)

Standard Mail (A) (Formerly Third Class)

Rates per piece up to 3.3 ounces Letter Size Nonletter Size
Basic $ .268 $ .344
3/5 Digit Pre-sort $ .248 $ .288
Enhanced Carrier Route Basic $ .194 $ .194
Enhanced Carrier Route High Density $ .164 $ .169

Nonletter size rates apply to all pieces larger than 6 1/8" high or 11 1/2" long. High density rates apply to mailings that include at least 125 pieces per carrier route. Consult your local post office regarding additional discounts that may apply to standard mail deposited at bulk mail centers, sectional center facilities or destination delivery units as well as to the packaging and traying requirements for each mailing.

Provided compliments of S D Associates P.O. Box 4565 Hartford, CT 06147 CT (860) 278-3434 US (800) 7-VOTERS

Call Steve Donen at 800-786-8377 (US) or 860-278-3434 (CT) to discuss how S D Associates can assist your campaign!

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  S D Associates
  P.O.Box 4565
  Hartford, CT 06147

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  800-786-8377 (US)
  860-278-3434 (CT)


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