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S D Associates is a political consulting firm that specializes in providing a complete range of computer-related products and services to campaigns for local, state and federal office throughout the nation.

Our principal work is the development of comprehensive and current voter files for campaigns from which we produce mailing labels with postal carrier routes, voter lists with telephone numbers and laser-printed personalized direct mail.

The voter files that we develop include voters' names and addresses, including postal carrier routes, party affiliation, date of birth, registration dates, ethnic and gender codes and voter history so that our clients can target their mailings and telephone calls to reach the voters they need to be successful.

Despite the claims of our competitors, no firm maintains current voter files for every jursidiction in the nation. While S D Associates does maintain the most current files available for a number of jurisdictions, we will work with our clients to develop a current voter file to meet their needs right when they need it, ensuring that they'll reach the maximum number of voters at the lowest possible cost.

Call Steve Donen at 800-786-8377 (US) or 860-278-3434 (CT) to discuss how S D Associates can assist your campaign!

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  S D Associates
  P.O.Box 4565
  Hartford, CT 06147

  800-7-VOTERS (US)
  800-786-8377 (US)
  860-278-3434 (CT)